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Can I book you just for pet sitting?

We now only take pet sitting bookings for our regular clients, as we find it's much less stressful for everyone when the pets are familiar with us, and vice versa. 

How many dogs will you walk at once?

We normally try to limit our group walks to 4 dogs per person, although legally we can have up to 6. This is a good size pack to allow socialisation and plenty of play time, while also allowing us to keep the walk under control and all of the dogs in our sight.

Will my dog be let off the lead?

We will always ask you about your dogs recall and whether you are comfortable with us letting them off lead. If you are, we still keep them on a long lead for the first few walks so they can get used to us and the other dogs. It is always preferable for dogs to be off lead as they can run and play untethered.

Where will you take my dog for a walk?

Walks will always take place in fields, parks, or nature, unless specifically requested otherwise. These are the most enriching places for dogs to be, with plenty of smells and space to stretch their legs. This does mean they may get muddy, especially during winter, but we will always towel dry them at a minimum before dropping them off. 

What's the process of hiring you?

The first step is making contact online or over the phone so we can discuss your needs and what services we're able to offer you. If you want to proceed we can arrange a non-obligation meet and greet where we come to your home and we can put faces to names. It's also a great opportunity for us to meet your dog and see if they approve of us!  When everyone's happy we can then start with the agreed services and go from there!

What are the payment and cancellation policies?

Payment is preferred via monthly bank transfer following an emailed invoice. If this isn't possible for any reason alternative arrangements can be made.

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the service will still be charged the full amount.

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