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Home Visits

£10 for 1/2 hour - £16 for 1 hour

An ideal service for young pups, golden oldies, or those who simply enjoy the comfort of their own home. A home visit will provide enough time for a toilet break; a leg stretch; food if needed; and plenty of fuss and play! We will also happily tend to any other animals in the home during the visit.

In-Home Daycare

£20 for 2 hours (minimum charge)

Additional £8 per hour - maximum booking is 12 hours.

Longer than a standard home visit, this is the perfect solution for dogs who don't cope well on their own, or would perhaps be stressed in a typical daycare environment. For the duration of the service we will remain in your home and provide your pets with whatever they need. We'll give them fuss and attention; feed them if required; and let them have a nice snooze in a familiar environment.

This service has limited availability.

All of the above prices are for services between 9am-6pm, Monday - Friday. Any services booked outside those hours or on bank holidays will cost 50% more.

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